​Marchia Johansen is the owner and operator of Doggie Do-Right.  She teaches private session in your home. Private sessions are especially good for basic obedience and unacceptable behaviors that take place in the home or in public.  She teaches Obedience Classes through Cheyenne Parks and Recreation in Cheyenne.  She has had extensive experience training dogs and is a graduate of Animal Behavior Collage in California.  She is a Mentor Trainer for Animal Behavior Collage.  Marchia is a Certified Canine Education Instructor with Certificates in:

​Basic to Advanced Obedience

Training Shelter Dogs,

Pet Nutrition and Diet,  

Pet Massage,

Assistance Dog Training,   

Service Dog Training,

Diabetic and Medical Alert Dog Training.

Canine First Aid and CPR

Marchia is a graduate of Animal Behavior Collage in California, 

Assistance Dog Training for Professionals through Texas Service Dogs,

​Intensive Diabetic Alert Dog Training through Service Dog Academy in Washington State,

FEMA Animal Disaster Awareness and Preparedness.

Marchia is an AKC Star Puppy and Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. 

She is a Mentor/Trainer for Animal Behavior Collage.

She is a member of ADPT and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.


​​​Max is now a PTSD Support Dog

Gracie & Mom

Daisy and Violet


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Marchia and her husband Steve traveling to the east coast with there two Service Dogs, Dru and Auzz.  The Missouri River in the background.

The Millers

​​Marchia's love for dogs goes back to when she was very young.  She lived on a ranch in the foothills of California.  Hard hearted people would drop dogs and cats off in the hills to fend for themselves.  Marchia's dad would bring those abanded dogs and cats home to the ranch.  Marchia loved and tought every one of those dogs to be good family pets.

Throughout the years she has had many dogs.  She learned to communicate with them and get them to do what she wanted.  After raising her family, being in the Air Force and working for the State of Wyoming for 27 years, she retired and began her dog training business.  She has loved dogs since her first dog followed her home from kindergarten.




DOGGIE DO-RIGHT was established in 2007, by Marchia Johansen.