Do you have a new puppy or are you thinking about getting a puppy?
Potty training issues?

Mouthy or nippy?  Chewing up furniture, clothing and household


Are you just frustrated with your dog's behavior?  
Let Marchia help you and your dog solve these problems and more.  Our pets are like our children to us and we want to be proud of them.​  Marchia can help you learn to communicate with and learn to enjoy the best in your dog.  

Would you like your dog to be a Canine Good Citizen or Therapy Dog?  How about Nose Work, Search and Rescue, Competitive or Advanced Obedience or Utility Dog?  We can teach you and your dog to do so many enjoyable activities that will build your dog's trust and confidence and help your dog to truly be Your BEST FRIEND.

​Would you like to have a well trained dog that you can be proud of ?  Would you like your dog to:

  • Come immediately when you call;
  • Stop pulling you down the street when you go for walks;
  • Sit to greet visitors and stop jumping up on everyone;
  • Stop bolting out the door or crowding you to get inside; 
  • Stop begging for food and stay out of the kitchen while you are trying to get dinner ready;
  • Stay calm around other dogs;
  • Be a friendly companion that is welcome in public;

Are you wanting to get a new dog but don't quite know how to pick one best for your family and lifestyle?  Marchia can help.​​

Here are just a few of our proud graduates

Auzz is Marchia's Husbands Service Dog

Luna is now a Service Dog.

Simon and Art.  Simon is now a Canine Good Citizen.  He is also a search a rescue dog.



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Dru in Marchia's "Retired" Service Dog

Col. Mosby helps a veteran with emotional support.

Strozi is now a champion in Agility.

​Marchia uses only scientifically proven positive reinforcement and re-direction methods to get the best behaviors from your dog.

​Willie Nelson is a Canine Good Citizen and a Tharapy Dog   

Atarrah is a Service Dog and is working on becoming a Search and Rescure dog.  She belongs to Marchia.

Kia is learning Nose Work.  She belongs to Marchia

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Member of the Better Business Bureau

Marchia Johansen

​Canine Educational Instructor

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