Doggie DoRight, Cheyenne WY
Obedience & Behavior Modification Training for Your Best Friend
Dog Training
Dog Training in Cheyenne, Wyoming Marchia Johansen, Dog Trainer

Marchia Johansen
Certified Canine Educational Instructor

Obedience and Behavior Modification
For Your Best Friend

Personalized Training in Your Home;
Specializing in Companion Dog Training

Canine Trainer Beginning to Advanced Obedience
Canine Trainer Behavior Modification
Canine Trainer Problem Solving
Canine Trainer Consultations

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Dog Trainer Cheyenne WY

Dog Training in Cheyenne Wyoming

Dog Training Cheyenne WYCheyenne, Wyoming Dog Owners. Would you like your dog to:

Wyoming Dog Trainer Sit to greet visitors?
Cheyenne, Wyoming Dog Trainer Stop bolting out the door in front of you?
WY Dog Trainer Stop begging for food?
Cheyenne, WY Dog Trainer Come quickly when called?
Cheyenne Wyoming Dog Training Walk without pulling on the leash?
Cheyenne, Wyoming Dog Training Stay calm around other dogs and people?
Wyoming Dog Trainer Be a friendly companion that is welcome in public?

Wyoming Dog Trainer Are you having trouble house training your dog?
Wyoming Dog Trainer Is your dog mouthy or nippy but you don't know how to stop it?
Wyoming Dog Trainer Is your dog chewing up furniture and household items?
Wyoming Dog Trainer Does your dog bark constantly, until the neighbors complain?

I will work with you to solve your dog's specific behavior problems and/or train beginning to advanced obedience using positive reinforcement methods that build your dog's trust and confidence.

I provide services in your Cheyenne home at your convenience.
You will learn easy-to-implement techniques that fit your specific needs with a non-judgmental instructor.
I will coach you in the art of canine leadership and communication.

You will see noticeable improvement in your dog's behavior almost immediately. The bond will become stronger as you build mutual trust and respect. Your dog can truly be your Best Friend.

Cheyenne WY Dog Training Dog Training Cheyenne WY Cheyenne WY Dog Training

Doggie DoRight, Cheyenne WY
Doggie Do-Right, Cheyenne, Wyoming
Doggie Do-Right, Cheyenne, Wyoming
Certified Canine Educational Instructor
Marchia Johansen        (307) 630-0420
Certified Canine Educational Instructor      Cheyenne, WY
Canine Instructor, Marcia Johansen
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